Sitecore | Shared vs Final layouts

One of the new features of Sitecore 8 is the introduction of versioned layouts.

Language Version Layouts give content editors the ability to create different layout definitions for each language version for an item. In Sitecore 8 there is now a Shared Layout and a Final Layout tab in the presentation details dialogue of an item. This is where the magic for the versioning is configured.

The Shared Layout section stores the renderings that are shared across all language versions of an item, while the Final Layout section, stores the renderings that are specific to the current language version you are editing. The Final Layout details panel displays the final combination of presentation details, and determines what is rendered when viewing the current version of the item.


This new feature allows Sitecore users to design and market pages based on different languages. Content editors can now not only update the datasource on a component based on personalization rules, but can also present a different layout structure, including or removing components per language version.

This gives the content editor and marketing team a wider range of variations. If a multi-language site has a different marketing plan or promotional offers based on the language, marketers are no longer restricted to rendering the same components for all languages. The language version layouts open many doors for a customized user experience.

There are however some things that Sitecore users need to remember about this new tool. Currently there isn’t a way to update the shared layouts field from the Experience Editor.


Question : What layout do you modify when you edit a page in Experience Editor?

Answer: Final Layout

Before Sitecore 8 regardless of item or language version, it used to update the shared layout,as there was no final layout present.when we open a page item we basically create a delta against page template, and will be presented with the page layout with the delta merged which gets updated to _Renderings field.

From Sitecore 8, we still create delta of what we have in the page template, but the page layout will be presented and updated to _Final Renderings field, which is versioned per language.

Please share your feedback and comments, as how we can make this a great learning platform, much appreciated.

Happy learning 🙂


3 thoughts on “Sitecore | Shared vs Final layouts

  1. Pramod Kumar January 8, 2020 / 3:01 pm

    Hi Ankit,
    Thank you for sharing the article.

    I have a Sitecore 8.2 build which is behaving quite opposite way.
    When I am making a second version for an item and making changes to the final layout, it applies the changes to all versions of that item.

    Example. I added a new component on to the final layout of version 2 and the component appears in version 1 also.

    Is this versioning enabled by default in 8.2 or should me manually change some config to enable it.


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