Sitecore 10.0 Installation errors and fix

Ok, so we have Sitecore 10 ready to play now which means long list of blog posts on how to install 10 and etc.. I know the hard work is already been done nicely and I don’t want to repeat that all again.

The idea for this post is to share the issue(s) which I encountered while installing Sitecore 10 via SIA.

Issue while creating shard databases-

I got an issue on step #52 where it tries to create shard databases and it breaks.. booooom.. so what’s next?- yes- you are right, I first checked if I am aligned with Sitecore with respect to the installation guide and you know what, I was pretty much aligned, so what’s the issue then?

The issue was related to ScriptDOM dll and I fixed it by removing the reference of ScriptDOM from GAC using gacutil  tool, for more details check this-

In addition to this If you are installing Sitecore along with SXA in a different root location instead of default C:\inetpub\wwwroot – please make sure you have all the parameter values updated to reflect the new path, this is what i got while it was installing SXA:

Apart from this it’s pretty smooth and same as what we did on 9.3.

Hope this helps.

Happy learning 🙂


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