Sitecore Horizon 10 Installation and Process Failure Error Fix

In this post I would like to share my experience installing Sitecore Horizon 10 in my development machine and issue I faced.

Before anything else let’s checkout the prerequisites for Sitecore Horizon 10


  1. Install Sitecore Experience Platform 10.0
  2. Ensure that your Sitecore Content Management (CM) site is accessible with the https protocol.
  3. Enable support for the WebSocket Protocol in Windows Server Manager.
  4. Ensure Sitecore Identity is installed.
  5. Install Sitecore Installation Framework (SIF) 2.3.0
  6. Install Core 2.1


Once you have the prerequisites in place, next step is to install Horizon, so let’s do that.

  1. Login to
  2. Download Sitecore Horizon 10 from here
  3. Download package for On Premises deployment.

4. Extract the package and open InstallHorizon.ps1

param (
  [string]$horizonInstanceName = "",
  [string]$horizonPhysicalPath = "D:\Deploy\SC9\$horizonInstanceName",
  [string]$horizonAppUrl = "https://$horizonInstanceName",
  [string]$sitecoreCmInstanceName = "",
  [string]$sitecoreCmInstanceUrl = "https://$sitecoreCmInstanceName",
  [string]$sitecoreCmInstansePath = "D:\Deploy\SC9\$sitecoreCmInstanceName",
  [string]$identityServerPoolName = "",
  [string]$identityServerUrl = "https://$identityServerPoolName",
  [string]$identityServerPhysicalPath = "D:\Deploy\SC9\$identityServerPoolName",
  [string]$licensePath = "D:\License\license.xml",
  [bool]$enableContentHub = $false,
  [ValidateSet("XP", "XM")]
  [string]$topology = "XP"

Update the parameter values as per your instance configurations and run the script, it would take somewhere between 5-7 mins and you will be there.

In my case the script ran successfully and there were no errors, so I thought I am good to go and ready to play after seeing Horizon Icon in the launchpad.

When I clicked on Horizon Icon from launchpad it displays the below screen.

The most common root cause which I have seen for the above error is missing license file( i.e. change in the license path) but in my case the issue was not this, the root cause of the error was wrong version of dotnet core, i installed the correct version from here and wooohooooooo here we go….

Welcome to Sitecore Horizon 10

Horizon metadata view.

So I would suggest to check which version of dotnet core has been installed- or if that’s installed at all? in case you see above error.

Apart from this everything else was smooth and the documentation provided with the setup is self explanatory and clear, so you won’t find it confusing.

Hope it helps.

Happy Learning 🙂


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