Sitecore Boxever training

Last week I got a chance to took Boxever eLearning training from Sitecore eLearning platform ,content of training was great and it has covered following details:

  • Boxever CDP, including how it can be leveraged in Segments, Decisioning, and Experiences
  • Identity Resolution
  • Decision Model Notation
  • Personalization across web-based apps and
  • Full-stack and A/B tests that run across a full technology stack

Details about Customer Data Platform (CDP) is great and explained very well like how the CDP layer can act as a great way to connect missing dots between the organization and customer.

Training also includes details about how personalization can setup based on data from Customer data platform and Decision Model Notation and other inputs.

In between we also got few questions(all multiple choice questions) to answer to check what we have learned so far.

It also include details regarding how we can run A/B tests and how to execute it via this platform.

This was all in a nutshell, I would suggest to take this training and see how this works after all it’s officially part of Sitecore ecosystem now, for me details check

Also- in the end there was “Boxever Advanced Certification“, there were 30 multiple choice questions for which we had 1 hr. of time, I am sure you won’t need 1 hr. to complete that.

Happy learning 🙂


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