Content Hub DAM Professional Mock Training Summary

Last month I got the opportunity to enroll for Sitecore Content Hub DAM Professional Mock training, it was very informative and insightful, so thought of sharing few things from that training for everyone’s reference here who are planning and yet to take the training.

It was a 5 days training and covered topics/subjects like:

  • Schema Configuration
  • UI Configuration
  • Themes configuration
  • Media Processing
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Data Migration
  • Security
  • Reporting etc…

Some of the topics from DEV side were:

  • Working with External components
  • Working with Mass Edit using scripts
  • How Authentication works and etc.

As a prerequisite for this training- you should have successfully completed the Sitecore Content Hub Fundamentals digital course form Sitecore Learning portal.

Sessions were well organized with two short tea and a lunch break. We got the opportunity and time to explore all the above mentioned topics and few others practically in our specific Sandbox environment which was spinned up for each trainee.

First 2.5-3 days of training were focused on Administrator side of Content Hub and remaining 2-2.5 days for Developer related topics.

Trainer also had administrator rights on our specific sandbox so that if something goes wrong while working/practicing specific task, trainer can go to your sandbox and verify things as required.

There was no rush and you get ample time to clear any doubt(s) you might have and complete all your practice tasks and then only trainer moves forward so that you are not missing anything here.

In the last day of the training you get time to clear any doubt(s) you have from the topics covered before and if there are no more doubts to clear, you will be given time to review your sandbox.

I found this training very useful and insightful and can say that I am already looking forward to make my hands dirty with the knowledge I gained from this training.

But that’s just one part of it, we still have another part to this i.e. Sitecore Content Hub DAM Enterprise Mock Implementation which we still have to plan.

There are two ways to enroll for this training , you can do/purchase it individually for Pro and later for Enterprise or you can just get/enroll for the bundle which includes both (with this you get some discount) you can reach out to your Sitecore representative on how you can proceed with this.

I will share my feedback and experiences when I complete the Enterprise Mock Implementation for everyone’s ref.

Hope it helps.

Happy learning 🙂

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