Sitecore Content Hub for Administrators Features Walkthrough

In my previous post I discussed about my experience on taking/completing Sitecore Content Hub Professional Mock training and what topics were covered, just to give a brief recap following topics were introduced during the training:

  • Schema Configuration
  • UI Configuration
  • Themes configuration
  • Media Processing
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Data Migration
  • Security
  • Reporting etc…

Post to this training, I also created few videos focused on Sitecore Content Hub for Administrators to give some reference points on how certain features of the platform can be used and configured in Content Hub DAM by Administrators.

Some of the recordings/topics for ref:

Hight level features walkthrough of Content Hub DAM:

How to create assets in the system:

Content Hub DAM Custom fields and Taxonomies

You can find the playlist here which can be referred when you have time-

Hope you will find these resources helpful and should give you a good starting point if you are heading towards your Content Hub Journey.

Let me know if you have any questions around this.

Happy learning 🙂

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