Sitecore language selector list field type

Sitecore Language Selector List

We sometime come across the requirements where we have to select from the available language versions which have been added for the context site.

For example- there could be total 10 languages under system languages folder and out of 10 say only 3 languages has been added to specific site.

For instance we work on any module where we need to select only few languages from the total languages available for that site, we don’t have any specific field type that can populate languages, one example could be language switcher where content authors wants to show only 2 languages to end users even for that site 3 language versions exists, and the same scenarios for multiple site under same Sitecore instance.

This modules helps to solve the same issue and comes with a custom filed type  to populates dynamically all language versions available for that site, it doesn’t populates all the languages from system languages instead take only those language versions which has been added as part of home page, this assumes that language versions that has been added to home page will be available to other inner pages as well.

If 3 languages has been added as pat of home page, from here if content authors want to show only couple of languages to language switcher module, they can do it via this “Language Selector List” field which helps to dynamically populates all the language versions available and select the one which is required.

In case of multi-site setup, this field has taken habitat site as a reference and expects rootPath value to be unique for all Sites added to the same instance.

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Hope it helps!